Transitions in emerging and developing countries

Welcome to a growing community of scholars working on sustainability transitions in developing and emerging economies around the world. We are part of the broader STRN community. By making the STRN community more international and diverse, we aim to expand the knowledge and competence base and are interested in addressing very challenging and complex phenomena that connect local and global, rich and poor.

The need to enrich the STRN community with perspectives from outside OECD countries was felt some years ago. At the IST2015 conference at Sussex University, in Brighton, UK, a first meeting took place that led to the initiation of this network. The network was named TransLACASAF (Transitions in Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and Africa). At the IST2016 conference in Wuppertal, Germany, a paper session and informal lunch were organised to discuss on ways to move forward, including how to become more visible within the STRN community. At the IST2017 conference at Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden, the network organised a dedicated track on transitions in the global south. During the conference we gathered what can be considered a critical mass of scholars and new energy to move the network activities ahead.

Our gathering at the IST2017 conference confirmed the value of forming this sub-community, for finding and getting to know each other, enhancing collaborations and making an impact. We believe that a more international community of STRN scholars will be a richer one, as a scholarly community that is diverse geographically and disciplinarily provides opportunities to learn from and with people who work in nearby fields, read literatures in other languages that English, are embedded in other societal contexts, bring in new practices and ideas around doing research and what the role of research is in relation to society.

At the moment, we have a mailing list (, which everyone interested can join, and we make a list of activities and volunteers willing to put time and energy in helping us build this community. For more questions you may also contact Anna J Wieczorek at

Webinar Series Overview

Past and upcoming events:

Webinar Informal Institutions (Oct-17, 2017)

Webinar Multi-scalar linkages (Jan-24, 2018)

April 24 (Renewable Electricity Systems)

May 31 (Experimentation & Urban Transitions)

June 22 (Global diffusion of transformative innovation)