Transitions in emerging and developing countries

Sustainability transitions are a global issue. Transitions studies have developed their theories and research mainly focused on OECD countries. Yet, numerous researchers deal with topics related to sustainability transitions in emerging economies and the developing world.

To better connect them and foster a critical debate about the role of transitions studies in countries outside the OECD a new network was established during the 6th IST conference in Brighton in August 2015. The network ‘Transitions studies in Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and Africa’ – or simply ‘TransLACASAF’ – provides a forum to share knowledge, exchange on theoretical and content related aspects and further the STRN network on this topic.

The TransLaCASAF group welcomes researchers interested in studying sustainability transitions in Asia, Africa, the Carrebean or Latin America. Current research topics are being discussed in a monthly webinar. Anyone interested in becoming part of the network’s email list should write an email to